The New American Remodel Home 2021 features streamlined smart home technology designed to seamlessly integrate the functionality of the home. The home features products from Eaton, Kohler, Lutron, and others to allow the home to achieve a level of integration that makes setting up, using, and maintaining the home both simple and user-friendly. 

Lighting Solutions

Eaton’s Wi-Fi smart switches, receptacles, and dimmers are simple to setup and equip the home with an energy efficient and user-friendly lighting system. Lights throughout the home can be scheduled to turn on and off, and dim to suit the occupant. Switches in the home can be integrated with any smart home device, making it easy to adjust lighting using voice commands, or a mobile device. Eaton’s lighting solution makes it incredibly convenient to regulate energy usage in the home and control the mood of the home through lighting. 

Climate Control Solutions

The New American Remodel is utilizing a LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning system where a closed refrigerant circuit connects one outdoor unit to many indoor units. VRF is an efficient way to condition any space, providing improved humidity control, individual set points per indoor unit and a very quiet experience for the occupants. LG and Airzone VRF have partnered to provide a seamless integrated solution that allows for additional zoning flexibility, utilizing smart damper technology to give individual comfort control in different spaces. This system can be controlled remotely via Wifi or any smart home device. 

Motorized Shades 

The shading systems diffuse light and provide privacy for the occupants. Shading systems also protect furniture, fine art, rugs, and even wood surfaces from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Automated operation will allow maximized views during the day and privacy at night. The innovative, motorized screens from Phantom Screens add a contemporary flare to the interior and exterior of the home. This solar mesh material increases privacy while protecting the indoor environment from UV rays in a controlled space.


The home’s innovative technology products are cutting-edge and feature LG OLED TVs. The LG 77” Signature AI ThinQ OLED TV, mounted on a sheet of glass in the family room, appears to float in midair. Measuring less than one-quarter-inch thick, this television is one of the thinnest on the market today. With no motion blur, near perfect viewing angles, and very low energy use, the LG TV leads the industry in OLED technology.